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Informationen für Arduino und kompatible Boards / Mikroprozessoren


Arduino Crypto

  • Cryptosuite is a cryptographic library for Arduino (including SHA and HMAC-SHA)
  • Crypto-Arduino-Library - cryptographic library for Arduino. Includes symmetric encryption/decryption, hash and HMAC operations.
  • SipHash Library for Arduino
  • AESLib - Arduino ready extract from the AVR-Crypto-Lib

Arduino Bootloader

  • Optiloader is a sketch designed for bulk upgrading of Arduino board bootloaders using another Arduino as a device programmer.
  • avr_boot SD card Bootloader for atmega processors
  • 2boots is a proof-of-concept dual bootloader for Atmel AVR atmega chips. It combines a serial bootloader and a mmc/sd card based one in the same 2kb of flash memory that is normally used by the arduino serial loader alone.
  • TFTPBootloader starts a TFTP server on default UDP Port 69, and listens for about 5 seconds at startup. During this time the user can upload a new firmware using any TFTP client software.
  • Arduino-Netboot is a TFTP bootloader for the Arduino Ethernet

Arduino kompatible Boards

Arduino I/O / Multiplexing / Schieberegister (Shift register)



Arduino Power/Motor/Lüfter

Displays / LED


Schieberegister / Shift register


Arduino Netzwerk

  • ethercard - Ethernet Library for ENC28J60 based shields and breakouts
  • Agentuino is a lightweight Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Agent library for the Arduino platforms supporting Version 1.
  • Webduino - a simple and extensible web server for Arduino and Ethernet Shield (new Site on Github)
  • Arduino TinyWebServer is a library implementation of a small web server running on an Arduino Duemilanove or Uno using the new Ethernet Shield

Arduino Programmierung

Cheat Sheets / Befehls Referenz

Programmierung mit avrdude

Bit Maths


Watchdog / Sleep


Interrupts / Timer


Arduino Pinout


Speicher (RAM/Flash

Arduino Hacks

Arduino RTC

Arduino Tutorials

Arduino Forums

Arduino Blogs

Arduino Projekte

Arduino Simulator

  • Simuino is an Arduino UNO/MEGA Pin Simulator. It comes in two versions: terminal and web.

Arduino Shell

  • Bitlash is an open source interpreted language shell and embedded programming environment for the popular and useful Arduino.

Arduino Troubleshooting

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